Minimum requirements for application

  • An undergraduate diploma in one of the foundational disciplines of cognitive science, coherent with the major to which you will apply: Psychology, Biology, Philosophy, Linguistics, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science OR An equivalent to M1 level within an engineering curriculum or a medicine curriculum.
  • Other backgrounds may be eligible and are considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Minimum English level equivalent to B2
  • Knowledge of the French language is not required for the admissions nor for courses, but it is important to have basics of French for your everyday life in Paris.


  • Number of slots available in M1: 75.
  • Number of slots available in M2: 80, including 10 for direct admissions.

Important dates

  • Opening of the admission session: 1 March 2024
  • Application deadline: 10 March 2024 

Documents required for the application

  • Passport (or French ID card)
  • Cover letter (in English only)
  • CV (max 2 pages, in English only)
  • Writing sample
  • Certified copies of all transcripts after high school
  • Certified copies of all diplomas after high school
  • Optional documents: English-language certificate, French-language certificate
  • At least one letter of recommendation (sent in directly by the person recommending your application)

Link to the application portal

  • link provided later on

Tuition fees

  • Tuition fees are set by ministerial decree (€334 in 2021/22).